Susan Davies

My name is Susan.  I am a bi-lateral breast cancer survivor.  Through my journey the lack of any emotional support prompted me to address this pain.  So I went about my challenge.

Proper food, small exercises to the correct part of your body, yoga from an experienced breast cancer instructor, acupuncture, meditation, spiritual guidance, experienced oncology massage therapist are just a few resources that would help with the physical and emotional pain.   Now I appreciate how a personal journal would so have helped me.  I could have looked back at all I had been through and seen just how far I had journeyed.

I coach competitive figure skaters and wrote a book filled with inspirations to help on a bad day or just before a competition.  I promise you some of these inspirations will make you think and help your emotional attitude.

So the website is filled with different aspects of thought for you during your journey.

You have true grit!  You dig down deep – even deeper than you thought possible.  Life is hard.  Curve balls come when you didn’t expect them and when you never need them.

You are so brave. I was. And looking back, I wonder: “How did I do this?”

I truly hope even if one makes a day a little easier, I’ll know my work is helping.

You are so brave – I know – so don’t ever forget this.

My Heroes!!!!!

Pamphlets available at: suzidwinette@gmail.com or call 781-820-9478.