My name is Susan.  I am a bi-lateral breast cancer survivor.  I came home from the hospital not prepared for the emotional trauma ahead of me. I realized there had to be a medical professional involved to help me in this emotional recovery.

I created the Healing Emotions After Breast Cancer Foundation with a mission to provide bedside emotional services by trained medical professionals to patients before they leave the hospital. This will help prepare the patient for the emotional issues that so often make recovery difficult. We offer services and tools to aide in emotional support and recovery.

Aside from the website, I wrote a little inspiration book of encouragements, to help women re-evaluate their attitudes of fight and help them create a positive philosophy for the day, and their new lives.

The breast cancer patient does not have to take her emotions home alone! For personalized support and more information about Healing Emotions After Breast Cancer, email info@healingemotionsafterbreastcancer.org.