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Don’t neglect your spiritual health

IMG_4035_01It is a common belief in Christianity, and perhaps in other faiths, that humans are a unity of body and spirit (not just souls trapped in a body). So what happens to our bodies has spiritual significance. If we allow it to happen, illness and its emotional effects can be spiritually harmful.

One aspect of spirituality after diagnosis or treatment is simply to maintain your pre diagnosis spiritual practices of prayer, worship, meditation, scripture reading. You do not need less of these things. If anything, you need more. So you might even want to increase your spiritual practices or add something new.

You can also seek out books, articles, and online resources from survivors and writers within your faith tradition. You do not have to accept everything they say or do everything they suggest, but you can find encouragement and practical help.

This can help you remember that whatever physical and emotional resources and support you have from those around you, the divine love is also still with you. Whatever you are going through — and whatever comes next — our Creator knows it and loves you now and into eternity. Cancer has not destroyed you and cannot destroy you. You can find joy when you focus on the good.

There is an article here which discusses spirituality at greater length, lists a number of spiritual practices, and reports various benefits of spirituality at all stages of dealing with breast cancer and its aftermaths. If you search breast cancer emotional healing spirituality books … you will find numerous books which deal with spirituality for those who are dealing with breast cancer.
Don’t neglect your spiritual health. It remains important while you seek bodily and emotional health.
Deacon Joe Whipple servers at Our Lady Star of the Sea Parish in Marblehead, MA.

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