Emotional Support

Comforting Ourselves with Spirit

Many people dealing with the aftermath of breast cancer find help and consolation by turning to their spiritual side.

The spirit is God, however you know him or her—Buddha, Jehovah, Christ, or Allah—a power higher than yourself from which you draw strength and are soothed and comforted. When you turn to this higher power, you are no longer alone or afraid.

Whether you believe in a Deity who can part the Red Sea or turn water into wine, or find peace imagining a benevolent Buddha, or even summon a presence within yourself—when you call on this Being, you can move yourself from sadness into joy and promote your healing.

For some people, going to a mosque, temple, or church helps foster a spiritual experience.

Familiar words and music comfort and sustain them. For others, sitting by a pond or the ocean,
walking in the woods, or gazing at distant mountains fosters a sense of wonder and happiness.
Thus, getting in touch with your spiritual side can lift you out of your immediate situation and
help you to heal.

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