Emotions throughout recovery

1) One of the greatest fears of cancer: the cancer coming back.

2) Your strongest emotions will be fear and anger. You no longer have 100% trust of your body. You have a fear of the unknown and anger: “Why did this happen to me?”

3) You are dealing with “Post-Traumatic Stress” on a daily basis. You may find yourself crying at the smallest things. It may take up to two years to accept your new body image.

4) Most common effects of treatments: cardiac events, breast infection, lymph edema (lifelong risk), and secondary concerns.

5) Although you may think your breasts define you as a woman, you will eventually discover that there are so many other ways to express your femininity.

6) Don’t lie to your doctor, or to yourself. You have to be honest; ask for help, talk about your feelings, let your friends know how you are feeling.

7) Body image comes from within. As you are recovering, your appearance is foreign to you. Your weight fluctuates, your wardrobe is no longer a comfort to you, your heart aches, and your will to fight is challenged.

Fight to stay strong.