Empower yourself

This cancer has not taken away your identity.

You are still you. What defines you as a mother, wife, friend, teacher etc. still remains. You haven’t lost the memory of being that person. Believe in your own power & use it to keep your heart & emotions strong. Empower your courage & strength to get through this. Hold on to the things that feed your soul.

Be your own hero!


Empower & Inspire

This creates thoughts to re-evaluate your attitude and help you to create your own philosophy for life. Attitude has such a strong impact.

I can beat this! I can draw from within the physical, emotional and mental strength to recover. You must make your own choice of how you are going to think. Get rid of the garbage cluttering your brain and motivate, inspire and empower your own emotions

Some of these inspirationals are catchy, some meaningful and may help at the moment but some are worth entering the soul and you becoming the Champion of your own Life!